Monday, August 24, 2009

Thar She Blows

Nothing quite like christening the new 6 gal better bottle than a blow-off! Apparently my Belgian starter that I built up last week was pretty happy. I was seeing fermentation within 2-3 hours after pitching which I think is the soonest I've ever had activity. This morning I got up to check on the fermentation and there was my airlock sitting on the floor and krausen right up the neck of the carboy! I love it! (only because it is in my basement and easily cleaned) In fact this is one of the most vigorous fermentations I have ever had!

It looks like the krausen is already down slightly from where it peaked last night so I popped the airlock back on. Since this better bottle is brand new and has a different neck size than my glass carboys I don't have a blow-off tube that fits it yet.


  1. Greg, didn't you get the BetterBottle blowoff assembly?

  2. Yeah, I forgot it in the car and didn't think it would blow-off that quickly