Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Brew Day!

Today was the big group brew. We brewed up a 20 gallon batch of Warrior IPA (lots of Warrior hops with some cascade at the end). Last time we brewed it, it came out great. This time around we put in an extra 1/2 pound of special B which I think should be good.

Anyway, all three starters were ready to go. Within 2-3 hours of pitching the Belgian strain into the batch I took home there were obvious signs of fermentation :)

Three of the four batches used starters built up out of the yeast library. The fourth is being fermented with S-05 dry yeast which I think will do a nice job as well. I can't wait to compare the Belgian version to the ones done with the American yeasts.

As an added bonus I brought home the dregs of a White Labs tube to try and culture some Kolsch yeast out of. I tasted the Kolsch that was brewed with it and it was quite good so I am excited to get this one into the stable.

Time to pour some more plates!

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