Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stepping it up baby!

This has been a busy week on the old ranch. The big group brew is coming up this weekend and the ranch has to stud for 3 of 4 batches being brewed. Working of the plates I started a single colony into 10 ml starters earlier this week. They are now fermenting away in a couple hundred ml bottles and tonight they are getting stepped up to somewhere in the 500-750 ml range.

It's pretty amazing how quickly a single colony can be built up into a good starter. I'm going to make sure tonight's wort gets well oxygenated so I can get some really good growth over the next couple of days so there ready to handle the 5 gal batches this weekend.

I have the White Labs Belgian Ale, Cry Havoc, and East Coast Ale getting ready for this weekend. The coolest thing this time around is how much like a Belgian ale my little 10 ml starter of Belgian yeast smelled like. I was really tempted to drink it instead of pitching it up!

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